Shell Aliases and functions for tor

Shell source file that creates wrappers for convenient usage of tor.

This script creates aliases and wrappers for network programs to direct them through the tor (the onion router) network for anonymity. Since 14th December 2005 this is especially useful in the EU. Just source this file from your ~/.bashrc (add the line ’. tor_aliases’) and continue to use your programs as usual.
Currently these commands (not program suites) are ’torified’:
- telnet
- ssh, scp (not slogin, sftp...)
- BitTorrent (the official one, written in python, not BitComet...)
- irssi
- everything that uses the HTTP_PROXY or http_proxy environment variables:
- gpg
- wget
- curl
- svn

Project Category: security

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Project owner: blindcoder


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Version history:
Version Release date ChangeLog Download
9Sat Oct 6 07:26:03 UTC 2007I wonder if I’ll ever learn that in bash ’lt’ does NOT mean ’larger than’. This fixes torify_TCP and suppresses some unnecessary and distracting output.tor_aliases_v9 (application/octet-stream)
8Mon Sep 3 07:01:11 UTC 2007Yet another bugfix update: TransPort support appeared in Tor, not .24 (which doesn’t even exist at this time). Also export HTTPS_PROXY. Both are thanks to Jens Kubieziel. You Rock :-)tor_aliases_v8 (application/octet-stream)
7Fri Aug 31 19:01:41 UTC 2007Fix a rather embarrasing bug in the ssh, scp and telnet wrappers. They work again now.tor_aliases_v7 (application/octet-stream)
6Thu Aug 30 10:35:14 UTC 2007Add support for the Polipo HTTP Proxy (Privoxy support still available). Thanks to qbi for the code.tor_aliases_v6 (application/octet-stream)
5Mon Jun 4 07:13:27 UTC 2007Only add wrappers for programs actually installed. Add torify_TCP for setting up a Transparent Tor Proxy (only works on Linux systems so far (in the function, not in Tor)).tor_aliases_v5 (application/octet-stream)
4Fri Oct 13 12:37:48 UTC 2006w3m needs special treatment to use proxies, so we don’t mention it anymore here. Encapsulated everything in two shell functions: Tor_enable to enable Tor usage (called automatically) and Tor_disable to disable Tor usage.tor_aliases_v4 (application/octet-stream)
3Thu Jul 20 05:22:59 UTC 2006The BitTorrent program names have changed in recent versions. Update tor_aliases to reflect this.tor_aliases_v3 (application/octet-stream)
2Mon Mar 27 11:06:19 UTC 2006Support for subversion (svn) and a small message fix.tor_aliases_v2 (application/octet-stream)
1Thu Dec 15 13:29:09 UTC 2005tor_aliases_v1 (application/octet-stream)