SSH Attack blocker

A script to block ssh attacks.

This script blocks all traffic from an IP address if there have been 10 attempted ssh logins with bogus usernames from that IP address.

Project Category: security

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Project owner: blindcoder


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Version history:
Version Release date ChangeLog Download
1.2Mon Apr 10 08:33:29 UTC 2006Now also blocks password brute force attacks. Thanks to netrunner again! block.pl (application/x-perl)
1.1Tue Feb 21 11:55:23 UTC 2006Some changes from Andreas .netrunner. Meier:
- Reset counter also for publickey login
- small changes to output
- also parse logfile if there is no ipv6 part in it
block.pl (application/x-perl)
1.0Mon Aug 29 09:56:23 UTC 2005block.pl (application/octet-stream)