Request Tracker helper script for e-mail gateway.

This script will route email to Request Tracker without the need to adapt your m

If you want to use Request Trackers E-Mailgateway then the documentation points you to create two aliases for every queue you manage.
This script voids the necessity for changing your mailserver configuration every time and instead works using a catchall address.
For details, see the wiki.

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Project owner: blindcoder


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Version history:
Version Release date ChangeLog Download
2Mon Jun 4 06:52:25 UTC 2007Added transparent support for PostGRE (just set MYSQL config variable to the psql binary). Added verbosity. Both are thanks to Shri. Added a license header (Public Domain).rt_queues.sh (application/octet-stream)
1Fri May 5 11:41:35 UTC 2006rt_queues.sh (application/x-sh)