dd progress wrapper

a shellscript wrapper for dd to show a progress indicator

This is a shellscript that wraps the call to dd(1) on GNU/Linux systems.
It uses dds builtin functionality to display the amount of read and written blocks when receiving a USR1 signal to display a nice progress indicator showing bytes read, bytes written, bytes read per second and bytes written per second.
The wrapper also takes into account the conversion rate the user specified (base 10 for kB, MB, GB, etc; and base 2 for k, M, G, etc) instead of always using base 10 and rounding the result up.

Project Category: tool

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Project owner: blindcoder


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Version history:
Version Release date ChangeLog Download
2Fri Feb 4 15:15:35 UTC 2011Add an ETA display. Display of bytes read/written will now only go to MB, not GB/EB/PB.dd.sh (application/x-sh)
1Fri Jan 19 09:32:54 UTC 2007dd.sh (application/octet-stream)